Mini Workshops

Mini Workshops submission is closed.

Mini Workshops

  • Workshops are 90-minute, interactive sessions. Interactivity and skills-based approaches are the main components of mini workshops than compare to a symposium.
  • It is mandatory to have a minimum of 1 (one) to a maximum of four (4) speakers and 1 Chair/Moderator who can also double as speaker.
  • The Chair/Moderator will serve as the primary contact person for the submission. It is the responsibility of the Chair to notify their co-presenters about the outcome of the review process.
  • Submissions should include: (1) an overall abstract describing the entire workshop, including plans for interactive activities; and (2) an outline of the proposed schedule for the workshop, including order of speaker(s) and interactive activities.
  • Workshops may, alternatively, be structured as a debate. If structured as a debate, time should be allotted for audience discussion.
  • Each Workshop should be structured to incorporate ample audience member discussion/participation (25% of total session time). Workshops should focus on a clinical topic relevant to IPT practitioners that will enhance skills or knowledge.  Typically workshops will be structured to include both didactic content and interactive learning opportunities such as role plays or skill rehearsal.
  • Once a Workshop is accepted, speaker changes are NOT allowed unless approved by the Program Committee Chair.
  • Regrettably, ISIPT cannot provide financial assistance or reduced registration fees for workshop speakers.

Instructions for Submitting Abstracts

 The Chair of the Mini Workshop will be responsible for gathering all abstracts and disclosures from presenters and submitting the entire package of information (including all abstracts for symposia) as a single submission online.  The Chair is responsible for ensuring that all parts of the submission are assembled prior to submitting online.

Detailed instructions

Please download the attached word document and complete it.  Save it to your computer . You will be asked to upload this form as an attachment on the abstract submission website.

Mini Workshops

  1. Chair’s contact information (name, professional title, affiliation, email address)
  2. Contact information for each presenter (name, professional title, affiliation, email address)
  3. Disclosure/conflict of interest information for the Chair and each presenter
  4. Identify whether the focus of this presentation is primarily a clinical workshop or a debate
  5. Abstract (provided by Chair)
    1. Title must be descriptive and fewer than 200 characters
    2. Abstract should be no more than 2500 character.
    3. Note that individual abstracts are not accepted for workshops
  6. Schedule (describing  90 minute workshops, including order of presenters and time allotted for interactive activities)